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Time for a Change?

It has been widely publicised that the motor industry (not just in the UK) has been hit hardest and fastest by the current economic downturn.

There was a great article today in one of the trade newsletters that stated the motor industry should be very conversant with “quantitative easing” – the Bank of England’s latest effort to pump money into the economy, by creating it out of thin air – as for years the car manufacturers have created used cars out of thin air through their own quantitative easing – otherwise known as self registrations!

This has been brilliant for those of us that want to bag a nearly new car for much less than its new price – but has caused issues further down the chain in the used car market. The inference being of course that look at where it’s ended up – a business model that cannot continue. Of course I know there are many other factors too.

This is before I harp on (again) about the poor practices, bad habits and lack of discipline that has been shown in some quarters by sales staff and their management.

So, surely it must now be time for a change? Time to start doing stuff that helps the business and economy? Start creating realistic expectations! Start innovating and doing things differently! Start developing good habits again! Start behaving nicely towards each other! Start believing in ourselves again! Start spending some money – it makes you feel good and is good for the economy (not on a credit card though!)! Start thinking positively (note to self on that one!). Start treating customers the way THEY want to be treated! etc etc etc. 

I’m starting by a family shopping trip tomorrow (my wife’s chosen Watford for some reason!). Might see you there!

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