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What’s the bloody point? Dis-jointed management

February 23rd, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Why do so many organisations have this “management bottleneck” where they seem incapable of joining it all up? Their processes are poor, their people are not engaged, their performance is weak and when you ask ‘what’s the purpose of the business?’ you get varied and mis-aligned replies?

At the top of the organisation is a founder, owner or CEO who believes in their own mind that everything is well. At the bottom of the organisation is a team of people who feel differently. They’re like loose cannons, rudderless ships and any other analogies you can think of for people who’ve lost their way. In short, no-one has defined the direction let alone the journey so people use their initiative and make it up – aaarrrgh!!! Frustration Ahead!!

When people are left to make it up they’ll feel unloved, unwanted, unmotivated, uninspired. Or they may just go along with a ‘we’ll do it in spite of them’ attitude – either way disaster is not far away! At the very least it’ll be in low morale and a bad reputation as an employer at worst it’ll be HR issues, long term sick absence, high attrition and plummeting performance – none of which is great in this current climate!

With so much doom and gloom about, many people will be affected directly or indirectly (people they know) by the recession, so many will begin to question thier purpose, meaning and role – especially if they feel insecure, unstable, threatened etc.

So, at this time, it’s more important than ever that people are lead positively, purposefully, inspirationally – if you’re a CEO, take a look at your business and ask some questions, if you’re a manager question your own skillsets and get the development you need. Re-evaluate your business approach and as you define yourself in the downturn, involve your people, give them a purpose and you may just protect your performance!

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